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Version: 8.0
Question: 51

Which two procedures assign a Base Layer to centralized virtual desktops (CVDs) in VMware Mirage? (Choose two.)
A. ClickValidationbutton to validate CVDs.
B. ChooseCommon Wizards > Assign Base Layer.
C. Select individual, multiple or a collection of CVDs.
D. Assign an App Layer.
Answer: B,C 
Question: 52

Support operations can be performed for what scenario while using the User Environment Manager Helpdesk Support Tool?
A. Support operations can be performed on multiple users.
B. Support operations can be done only for a specific user.
C. Support operations can create profile archive backups.
D. Support operations can be performed only on Active Directory users and groups.
Answer: B 
Question: 53

A VMware Mirage administrator is trying to avoid a nagging popup that disrupts deployment automation scripts for every desktop that they deploy into the environment.
Which task would most effectively assist the administrator?
A. Turn on Branch Reflectors by clickingAlways Use Branch Reflector, underSystem Configuration > Settings > Branch Reflectormenu.
B. Turn on CVD Auto Creation by clickingEnable automatic CVD creation, underSystem Configuration > Settings > CVD Auto Creationmenu.
C. Show the Mirage status by right-clicking the Mirage icon and selectingShow Status.
D. Add the VMware Mirage server address and port to the Mirage Client.
Answer: A 
Question: 54

The User Environment Manager management console has the ability to hide certain features that are not needed.
What are the default-enabled Personalization Features?
A. Advanced, Backups, DirectFlex, Conditions, Predefined Settings, Profile Cleanup, User Environment
B. Basic, Backups, DirectFlex, Predefined Settings, Profile Cleanup, Silo Support, User Environment
C. Advanced, Backups, DirectFlex, Conditions, Predefined Profiles, Restore, Silo Support, User Environment
D. Backups, Desktop Support, DirectFlex, Conditions, Predefined Settings, Profile Cleanup, User Environment
Answer: A 
Question: 55

An administrator is tasked with selecting a display protocol for a virtual desktop pool.
The users of the desktop pool have the following requirements:
- The protocol must allow the user to interact with knowledge worker applications such as a word processor.
- The protocol must allow the user to work from the office as well as remotely from home.
- The protocol must offer the most efficient battery life when connecting from mobile devices.
Which display protocol should the administrator select for this desktop pool?
D. Blast Extreme
Answer: D